hi there!

I’m Kalla, the owner of Evie Rae. First things first, I’m sure many of you are wondering how exactly these names are pronounced.

Kalla is pronounced Kay-La and Evie is pronounced Eh-Vee.

Evie Rae started out as K&B Design, in 2018! 

My journey began by making custom signs and from there I expanded to clothing, tumblers and home decor.

In May of 2020 I decided to stick with what I love, and make some changes that better fit my ‘style’. I re-branded and launched Evie Rae!

The name Evie Rae is more than just a name, it is the love and warmth of my family wrapped into a pretty little bow just for you.

Evie is my niece’s name that passed away. Rae is my middle name, given to me after my grandfather. I wanted the love we have for Evie to be remembered and shared for years to come.  I also wanted to add a little personal touch to top it off. And that is where Evie Rae was born.